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My last day in Augsburg

I’ve spend some stressful days and this afternoon I finally go to Berlin. Today I will visit my empty appartement for the last time to hand it over to the landlord.

Even though I’m not born in Augsburg I lived here for about 40 years and the city had certainly become my homeland. On the other hand I am also happy to open a new chapter in my life.

“Freiraum-Demo” in Augsburg – a retrospect

Yesterday the “Freiraum-Demo” in Augsburg took place (also see http://freiraumaugsburg.wordpress.com). Even though it was quite cold many people followed the call.

The Bikekitchen organized a “sound truck”: A cargo bicycle with trailer. The loudspeakers with weather protection on the bicycle and a power generator on the trailer. This was used to play music during the demo and also for the speeches of the participants.

(Please see the German version for more details)