Disable IRL podcast in Firefox for Android

Recently I experienced this again: after opening Firefox on my Android smartphone there was a notice about a new contribution in the “IRL podcast”.

Even though this is not a commercial ad but an offcial podcast by Mozilla (also see https://irlpodcast.org) it is still irritating when such notices appear.

To disable this you have to set the option browser.snippets.enabled to false in advanced configuration (about:config).

You have to restart Firefox before the change becomes active (for example by removing it in the list of recently used apps).

One thought on “Disable IRL podcast in Firefox for Android”

  1. Paul

    Thanks for that tip.

    When will these idiots learn?

    They’re losing browser share so they do something stupid like this.

    They need a damned good LARTing with a size 13 cluebat.

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