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Secure TLS for all services

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At the latest since “Heartbleed” and “Poodle” it should be clear that using SSL/TLS does not automatically mean “secure”. A secure encryption of services requires up-to-date SSL libraries (for example a current version of OpenSSL without the “Heartbleed” bug) as well as a secure configuration of the respective software (Apache, Dovecot, Postfix etc.).

“Poodle” has shown that SSL 3 can not be considered secure any longer and that you should use at least TLS 1.0 or better 1.1 oder 1.2. Also the choice of the cipher suites is important for security. Not every cipher suite allows forward secrecy (which means you can not decrypt recorded data later) and some of them are generally not secure any longer and should therefore not be used any more.

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Customized keyboard layouts in Windows

If you carefully look at the articles on my website you might notice that I use “typographic” quotes, ellipses (…) and dashes (–) as well as the inch sign ″. Generally WordPress (as DokuWiki as well) can generate such characters automatically by doing replacements in the source text according to several rules – however this does not work properly in some cases as shown in the bug #8775 in the WordPress bug tracker. Without additional customizations by a plugin or an additional function in the theme quotes are also only created in the form which is common for English text (“…” instead of „…“ in German). Therefore I prefer to type these characters directly in the text.

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11 years with FLI4L… good bye

Quite exactly 11 years ago, in may 2003, I discovered FLI4L and used it continuously since then for my private DSL connection and as a fax sever and telephone answering machine. At last this was quite a “zoo” of devices:

  • Arcor “StarterBox” with DSL splitter and minimal telephony functions for two analog devices
  • DSL modem
  • FLI4L on a thin client
  • External ISDN adapter (AVM Fritz!ISDN) via USB on the FLI4L
  • Linksys WRT54GL as switch and for WiFi access

The Linksys WRT54GL was a full-featured WiFi router, but I just used it as access point and switch.

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I’ve created fire

HDSP 2112

Recently I got a number of LED matrix displays (HDSP-2112, eight characters, 5×7 pixels each). Used but in blameless condition – I just couldn’t resist ;-). The picture above shows the first functional test of one display with the character “A” which I “programmed” using hanging connections.