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Vulnerabilities in the server of TeamSpeak 3

On multiple vulnerabilities in the server of TeamSpeak 3, version 3.0.13 are documented. This topic was also discussed on in the community of TeamSpeak and an updated version of the server had been released which fixed the vulnerabilities.

Unfortunately that updated caused other problems. If and when a new version will be released is not known at the moment.

As a short term workaround you should block the access to the port for “ServerQuery” (TCP 10011).

The second life of an old notebook

A while ago a wrote about living in Berlin soon. Due to the job I will only be at home at the weekends for the first months and don’t have access to my PC during the week. Technically my old netbook still works even after about seven years – but with its small display and the slow CPU it is barely more than a compromise solution while traveling. A regular notebook would make much more sense.

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Control AV receivers by Pioneer over the network

Pioneer VSX-529Pioneer offers a number of AV receivers with network connection which can be controlled using an app for Android or iOS, as for example the VSX-529, VSX-921, VSX-1021. The complete list can be found in the description of the apps for the receivers, like iControlAV2 or iControlAV5.

Raymond Julin found out that the interface used for these apps can be accessed very easily using telnet since the protocol is quite simple.

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Would you like some more?

The mainboard in my PC which I used so far, an Asus P5Q, is from the beginning of 2009 – so it is about 6 years old now. At the time socket 775 and Intel Core 2 Duo (later Core 2 Quad) were still considered solid technology. Meanwhile there are significantly more powerful processors and a number of technical innovations which the old mainboard does not provide at all – for example UEFI, USB 3 or SATA with 6 GBit/s, which is specifically interesting for using SSDs. I could add USB 3 with an extra controller card but my practical expierences with that were not the best. Good reasons for me to renew the mainboard with the CPU.

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