Topic: Bicycle

Cycling is fun and keeps you healthy :-)

Critical Mass in January

Finally I had time to join the Critical Mass again :-).

This time it was a quite small group (just over 20) and to the end after around one hour my feet and hands were nearly frozen – but we had fun again and this time I could enthuse a new passenger with her friend to join us (fortunately I have a bicycle for guests ;-)).

I also had my Garmin with me again: GPX viewer refreshed

In the context of the regular updates of http://de-rec-fahrrad I decided to use the standard template by DokuWiki with slight modifications. This template exists since 2012 and has some advantages over the former solution:

  • Support of navigation sidebars without the need of separate plugins
  • “Responsive design” with automatic adaption for devices with lower screen resolution (tablets, smartphones)

Unfortunately DokuWiki also follows the trend of small fonts and missing underlines for links within the text – but of course this could be fixed easily in the styles.

Bicycles belong on the road

At least researchers of the assurances in Germany say that:

Cite (translated from German):

“[…] The bicycle driver belongs on the road, since he is then in the visual field of car drivers and therefore kept much better there than on a separate bicycle path. […]” – so the rough translation of the statement of Siegfried Brockmann, head of the accident research of the assurances.