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Periodical 0.10

This weekend I worked on Periodical to improve it a bit. The most important changes:

  • The color scheme was reworked once again and focused calendar entries are now displayed properly.
  • When you select entries in the detail list, the corresponding month in the calendar is displayed.
  • There are now icons for devices with low and high display density (ldpi, hdpi, xhdpi).

The wish by one user to have partial coloring of the days during the transitional periods was not forgotten – this will just need some more time since I want to rewrite the code for the calendar display before this will be implemented.

By the way… “SRT AppGuard”

Recently one of my conversational partners in a discussion about “security in Android” mentioned an article of “PC-Welt” which, amongst other things, also recommends “SRT AppGuard” as a tool to improve the security of apps (as of February 2013, also see – I already contacted the editoral staff, maybe this article was already changed or removed).

In short: You should not use SRT AppGuard and there are good reasons why this app was removed from the Google Play Store a while ago!

(Please see the German version for more details)

Android 4.0 Update for Sony Xperia go, U und sola

Last week Sony announced the release of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwhich) for the models Xperia go, U und sola in their Blog. According to the blog entry the update should be available world wide within a couple of weeks.

The “floating touch” technology of the Xperia sola will then also be useable for a special “glove mode” which allows to handle the device using regular gloves (also see the video).