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“BlueBorne” and missing patches

Some time ago, a severe security problem was discovered in Bluetooth devices, which had been given the name “Blueborne” by their discoverers. Operating systems like Linux and Windows already got security updates. Android is theoretically also fixed already – however, only by Google and the devices sold under their name. For devices from other manufacturers the situation is worse if the device has been on the market for more than 2 years.

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Periodical 0.30

Today Periodical 0.30 was published. Changes included:

  • You can change the length of the luteal phase if it does not match the standard value of 14 days.
  • In Android 6 or later the required permission for data backup is requested if needed.
  • The wrong sort order in the list view with the calendar entries was fixed.

Periodical 0.20

There is another update of Periodical:

  • Added Spanish translation (thanks to Laura Arjona Reina).
  • Extended the color scheme to display days before the first cycle and after the last calculated cycle.
  • Code cleanup and optimization.
  • Target platform changed to SDK version 20 (Android 4.4).