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Ortlieb Office Bag

Recently i got a big laptop for my daily work. For the daily transport between the office and my home on the bicycle a conventional laptop case is not suitable, since these cases are usually not water proof and they don’t provide a fixation for the rack.

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Gigaset S790

The name “Gigaset” is associated with Siemens – this was the brand Siemens had used for a long time for their phones. However Gigaset became an independent company which produces phones and accessories under this name in license. Also see

Beginning of 2011 I’ve purchased a Gigaset S790 as replacement for my old phone. This model is also available with an integrated answering machine as S795 or as ISDN version under the name SX790 or SX795.

(Please see the German version for more details)


In the beginning of 2010 I have searched for a better solution for my own data backup and eventually decided to use “RDX”, which is still available as of 2022 (also see the notes about the current status at the end of this article).

RDX is the abbrevation for “removable disc exchange”. It is a system with very robust cartridges containing 2.5″ harddiscs. The system was already developed in 2004 by ProStor. Meanwhile drives and media are also offered by Tandberg Data, HP and Imation. These manufactures affiliated to the “rdx storage alliance”.

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Samsung NC10

Note: the netbook described here is no longer in use. It was replaced by a notebook, a Lenovo X220, in 2016 which I nowadays also only use rarely.

Since I often move between Augsburg and Berlin, I thought about getting a mobile computer for a while. But a laptop was too big – and with appropriate battery runtime of at least 4-5 hours also quite expensive. Therefore my choice was a “netbook” with 10.2″ display – the Samsung NC10.

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Logitech Deluxe 250 keyboard

Since my old keyboard does not work properly anymore, a replacement was neccessary. I’ve choosen a cheap model by Logitech – “Deluxe 250” – with PS/2 connection, which I use in the USB variant on a daily basis in the office. It also seems, Logitech favours this model as OEM stuff for hardware manufacturers – because officially you don’t find this keyboard on the Logitech homepage.

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Brother HL-2030

This printer is not available anymore – it was replaced by the HL-2035, which is nearly identical regarding the technical data and can be used under Linux with the same driver. Since I already use this device for quite a while, I want to tell about my experiences with it here.

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