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Cycling is fun and keeps you healthy :-)

The new route to my workplace

Today I’m exactly one week in Berlin and the second day at my new workplace. Even though the city is quite large I’m lucky to have a route which I can drive by bicycle very well. One thing I find especially attractive: twice a day I drive along the Bellevueallee in Tiergarten – a green oasis in the middle of the city:

Großer Tiergarten Berlin, 2016-05-03

Rail, accident, ouch

A couple of weeks ago it happened again after more than 10 years… I managed to get the front wheel of my every day crosser into to a tram rail at the underbridge to Pfersee next to the Augsburg main station and crashed at a speed of about 35 km/h :-(. The result: A scrape on the right knee, handle bar of the bicycle damaged, right brake lever broken out of its stay. Fortunately the accident was at night where there was barely any traffic at this place – otherwise it could have been much worse.

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Peugeot PX-10 with “moustache” handlebar

Nearly two years ago I had the opportunity to buy an old Peugeot PX-10 in a very good condition. With a longer seat post, new handle bar tape and new brake pads it also still rides quite good. However the drop handlebar and the quite stretched posture on the bicycle caused by this is not very suitable for rides in the city which I did realize not at least on my last ride at the critical mass.

For the upcoming sommer I wanted to have a bit more comfortable solution. A good compromise which also allows to use the old brake levers is a “moustache” handlebar. With this kind of handlebar you don’t sit so stretched and the brake levers are reachable quickly.

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New wheels for the every day bicycle

The wheels of my every day crosser are now nearly 10 years old – and therefore the rims as well. Due to the use of rim brakes the flanges became quite worn, especially on the front wheel where I could feel the brake pads sticking to the flanges with every revolution when applying the brake lightly which caused a “stuttering” of the wheel.

The hubs – in the front Schmidt hyb dynamo and in the back a DT Swiss 340 – still work fine despite their age why I laced new rims.

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