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Cycling is fun and keeps you healthy :-)

A bit of luxury

In March 2017 I visited the Berliner Fahrradschau and besides many other interesting things I also discovered the bicycle bell by Spurcycle. I could have bought a copy a the booth but I postponed that since I didn’t know where to mount it – because the handle bar was already quite cramped due to the gear indicators of the shift levers. The mounting of the old bell, a “Charly” by Mounty, was already cumbersome under the gear indicators and I never was very happy with this solution.

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Dent in the frame

Damage in the top tube of my Surly CrosscheckYesterday I noticed by chance that the frame of my everday crosser has a dent :-(. I didn’t see it before as it is on the right lower side and you can barely see it from the top or from the side.

I believe that the dent was caused by my accident in February. There my bicycle lied on it’s side at the end next to the curb – propably the curb left this mark on the impact of the frame.

However the frame is made of steel and the dent is not at a right angle to the tube and also not near a weldseam – therefore I will just let be like this for now and check the frame for cracks from time to time, as a new frame will cost more than 400 EUR.

Bicycle parts stolen in Berlin

Surly without saddleA couple of days ago the saddle on my every day crosser got stolen :-(. At least only the saddle and not other parts as well.

It was a pitty anyway as also a screw on the seat post was missing which you can’t get easy as a spare part due to its special diameter (M7). In fact the seat post got unusable because of that.

I bought a new seatpost by Ergotec and a saddle. Instead of the Brooks B17 there is now a “plastic saddle” by Terry which is hopefully not that attractive for thiefs. At least the new saddle is quite similar to the B17 in its dimensions and it is also quite comfortable.

My Surly in Berlin

Sury Crosscheck and Berlin oldieNearly two weeks I could stand it without my Surly – but today I finally took it out from the self storage in Lichtenberg and took the opportunity to do a little tour through Berlin on the way back (from there to the appartement it was about 13 km).

Now the Berlin Oldie and the Surly stand together in the backyard. The Berlin oldie will not be used very often in the near future, but  I will keep it for guests or in case I don’t want to take the “good” bicycle with me. And generally you can not have enough bicycles anyway ;-).

The new route to my workplace

Today I’m exactly one week in Berlin and the second day at my new workplace. Even though the city is quite large I’m lucky to have a route which I can drive by bicycle very well. One thing I find especially attractive: twice a day I drive along the Bellevueallee in Tiergarten – a green oasis in the middle of the city:

Großer Tiergarten Berlin, 2016-05-03

Rail, accident, ouch

A couple of weeks ago it happened again after more than 10 years… I managed to get the front wheel of my every day crosser into to a tram rail at the underbridge to Pfersee next to the Augsburg main station and crashed at a speed of about 35 km/h :-(. The result: A scrape on the right knee, handle bar of the bicycle damaged, right brake lever broken out of its stay. Fortunately the accident was at night where there was barely any traffic at this place – otherwise it could have been much worse.

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