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Periodical 0.20

There is another update of Periodical:

  • Added Spanish translation (thanks to Laura Arjona Reina).
  • Extended the color scheme to display days before the first cycle and after the last calculated cycle.
  • Code cleanup and optimization.
  • Target platform changed to SDK version 20 (Android 4.4).

Periodical 0.16

Unfortunately the update of Periodical  yesterday still had a bug under Android 2 which caused a crash when you try to open the newly introduced preferences. Therefore there is now again a new version.

Since some users may have problems updating the app using the Google Play Store, you may need to remove the old version first. You can also download the APK on the project page or at F-Droid. Important: Do a backup using the menu command in the app before removing the old version!

Samsung introduces regional SIM locks

Recently Samsung decided to introduce regional SIM locks for the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 mini and Galaxy Note 3. This means you can only use the devices with a SIM card of the region where it was sold. For example: if you purchase a device in Europe you can not use it with a prepaid SIM card outside Europe. It is also not possible any longer to use imported devices in Europe.

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