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A short documentary by Santiago Álvarez from 1965 which could be seen as one of the first music videos ever (and with this I don’t mean people dancing to the music but music combined with documentary content).

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New computer toy

I already had been interested in electronics before I had my first computer – later I drifted off this topic a bit, but the tools (soldering iron, multimeter etc.) still exist and sometimes I also work on circuits as on LCD2USB am FLI4L.

I’m also in Berlin from time to time and sometimes I also visit the shop of Conrad Elektronik – since something like this doesn’t exist in Augsburg and sometimes I’m also just a nerd ;-).

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Rise of the Triad… 2013

Maybe some of you remember the time where the genre “3D shooter” was introduced on PCs under DOS. Starting with the then quite controversial “Wolfenstein 3D” (1992) and following titles as “Doom” (1993) or “Duke Nukem 3D” (1996). “Rise of the Triad” was published in 1994 by Apogee and was also a typical representative of this genre. Later there was also an OpenGL port created, called WinRottGL, which is still playable on todays systems.

Now it’s 2013 – and after nearly 20 years there is a new edition of “Rise of the Triad”, but see for yourself…

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