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One bicycle is not enough…

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Winter bicycle

A separate bicycle for the winter has its advantages: You can leave the spike tires mounted permanently and just take the other bicycle if needed. I already thought about this for a while – but only now i have put this idea into practice.

(Please see the German version for more details)

Augusta “Pinky”

I got this bicycle a few years ago from a good friend, after she didn’t want to drive it anymore. It is an older piece branded “Augusta” with a “mixte” steel frame, 7-gear-hub with back pedal brake (Shimano SG-7C20) and cantilever brake in front. It was kept in the basement, disassembled into single pieces for a couple years and broken wheels and was rebuilt again for a housemate.

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Everyday crosser

Due to a total failure of the old steel frame of my former “everyday” bicycle I bought a new frame in june 2005 – Surly Crosscheck – and built a new bicycle. It has horizontal dropouts with a hanger and a spacing of 132.5 mm – so it is possible to mount road hubs with 130 mm as well as “MTB” hubs or shifting hubs with 135 mm. Also wider tires or fenders and a rack is no problem.

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Old “trekker”

This bicycle doesn’t exist anymore – I had to give it up after the frame was broken. The base was a bicycle with a steel frame and 21-speed gears, which I bought around 1998 about 300 Euro. In the original condition there where no fenders, no rack and the configuration was generally on a low level (Shimano Acera, very simple cantilever brakes, rock hard cheap saddle made of plastic etc.). During some years many parts where added and many of the standard parts where replaced. If the frame wasn’t broken, I would still drive it.

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Spare bicycle

This bicycle does not exist any longer (2012).

I bought this bike end of june 2005 for little money – originally as a temporary solution for the time, where i built my “main bicycle”. The quality is not very high (Shimano 18-speed SIS, cheap plastic brake levers, fork with squeezed tube ends etc.) and it is impossible to drive without a hand on the handle bar. Besides this it works reasonable well and after a few adjustments of gearshifting, brakes and bearings it was quite useable.

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