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Root access in Android as of 2018

I already wrote about the topic “rooting of Android” in 2013. Since then the direction of Android itself changed a lot.

Things which where not very popular five years ago are now quite normal: films are being watched on mobile devices with services such as Netflix and games like Pokémon GO generate huge sales (by the end of 2017 about 890 million USD). For the providers of such services it is of course important that the data of the apps is not accessible by third parties – for example to protect DRM mechanisms.

Another area are payment services, such as Google Pay, which got introduced in 2015 – and again, it is important that no third party can access confidential data.

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Control AV receivers by Pioneer over the network

Pioneer VSX-529Pioneer offers a number of AV receivers with network connection which can be controlled using an app for Android or iOS, as for example the VSX-529, VSX-921, VSX-1021. The complete list can be found in the description of the apps for the receivers, like iControlAV2 or iControlAV5.

Raymond Julin found out that the interface used for these apps can be accessed very easily using telnet since the protocol is quite simple.

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Customized keyboard layouts in Windows

If you carefully look at the articles on my website you might notice that I use “typographic” quotes, ellipses (…) and dashes (–) as well as the inch sign ″. Generally WordPress (as DokuWiki as well) can generate such characters automatically by doing replacements in the source text according to several rules – however this does not work properly in some cases as shown in the bug #8775 in the WordPress bug tracker. Without additional customizations by a plugin or an additional function in the theme quotes are also only created in the form which is common for English text (“…” instead of „…“ in German). Therefore I prefer to type these characters directly in the text.

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