Ride more comfortable (and more beautiful)

Generally I’m satisfied with the straight handle bar of my every day bicycle – but sometimes I have the problem of aching hands, even though I use bar ends for alternative grip positions.

A common solution for such problems is to use grips in a “wing” shape which provide a larger area to support the hands. A quite affordable but still beautiful variation are the leather grips by Fuxon, sold under the name “Sturmvogel” in Germany:

Fuxon “Sturmvogel” on my every day crosser

The grips are a bit wider as the foam grips used before. Therefore I had to move the levers for the brakes and the shifters a bit closer to the center. After this there was not enough room for the bell which went to the left side.

Fuxon “Sturmvogel” on my every day crosser Fuxon “Sturmvogel” on my every day crosser

Time will show if the material will withstand the rough conditions of every-day-use (my bicycle is outdoor most of the time), but the workmanship and the feel is quite nice. A clamp fixes the grips on the handlebar so they don’t get loose and rotate.

Update 2016-03-10

After the second summer and even though the bicycle was outside most of the time the grips are still in a very good condition. Therefore I definitely can recommend them. You still may get them under the manufacturer number 051-30371. Some dealers also offer the grips in black instead of brown.

On the following picture from end of February 2016 there is a different handle bar and a new brake lever on the right side since a repair was neccessary after an accident. However the grips are still flawless:

Surly Crosscheck, February 2016

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