Pornfilmfestival Berlin

For my friends of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin I created the (responsive) design and technical implementation of the festival web site based on WordPress. The website is bilingual (German/English) and besides posts there is also a program overview during the festival where you can select day and category. Additionally there are forms to submit films and request accreditations.

For the entry of films and events I used PODS and created my own scripts and custom templates for the program overview and the detail view. For the forms Contact Form 7 and Timed Content with a custom plugin is being used. in October 2016 and April 2018

Besides the program overview there is also a global search which includes movies and also the fields for director and cast the movie details. In addition the search input supports real time search: when you start typing up to 10 matches will automatically be displayed as drop down list. In this list you can navigate using the keyboard (tab key or cursor up/down to select entries, enter key to open an entry or esc to close the list).

Pornfilmfestival Berlin, program archive 2019, archive of the program 2019