Please note: Since May 2014 I don’t use FLI4L any longer. The following information is only kept for archival purposes.

Since FLI4L 3.0.2, OPT_LCD4Linux offers a very powerful package to drive LCDs with FLI4L.

In combination with LCD2USB by Till Harbaum you can use USB to connect the display, which is also used for the power supply including background light. Till Harbaum also offers a printed circuit board..

The microcontroller was kindly programmed and sent to me by Angela Neumann. The LCD was donated by a friendly guy as an appreciation of my work for FLI4L :-)

At the moment, the display is only connected provisional. The following pictures can also be clicked to get a bigger view.

LCD2USB parts
The parts

LCD2USB first test
The first test – it works :-)

LCD2USB with display from FLI4L
Animated display with the standard settings of LCD4Linux