Please note: Since May 2014 I don’t use FLI4L any longer. The following information is only kept for archival purposes.

FLI… what? What the heck is this?

In Short: “FLoppy ISDN for Linux”. A Linux distribution, which is especially designed to build a DSL/ISDN router, has only little requirements to the hardware and which can be installed without any special knowledge about Linux. If you want to know more about FLI4L, may have a look at the official website of this project at http://www.fli4l.de.

Since end of may 2003 until may 2014 a FLI4L box was running at my place, which was responsible for the following tasks (see also Software in my FLI4L):

  • DSL router
  • Answering machine (VBox)
  • Fax reception
  • Network CAPI for sending faxes
  • FTP server for file exchange

Since april 2005 i used the development version 2.1.9, which contains a lot of improvements (some of the OPTs for this version where improved as well). From mai 2009 until august 2012 version 3.4.0 was used, from august 2012 to mai 2014 version 3.6.1, before FLI4L had been replaced by another system.