PhotoSwipe 5

PhotoSwipe version 5 is now available. This version has a modular structure and has been fundamentally revised to also work reliably with current browsers and smartphones.

My WordPress plugin Lightbox with PhotoSwipe will also use PhotoSwipe 5 in the near future. Since any previous adjustments regarding styling are not compatible with PhotoSwipe 5, the older version will initially continue to be available as a selection.

The first integration already looks promising: fading in and out of the lightbox works as before and the extension for full-screen mode including the shortcut “F” was also easy to implement. Using PhotoSwipe got much easier – thanks to the good work of Dmytro Semenov and many contributors!

What is still missing:

  • Captions.
  • Automatic hiding of the controls in desktop mode when you don’t move the mouse.
  • “Share with” menu.

Things which won’t exist any longer:

  • Animation when changing the images in desktop mode – although this is theoretically possible, it is deliberately not supported because it does not work reliably.

Update 2022-08-28

Meanwhile there is a version with PhotoSwipe 5. In addition to PhotoSwipe itself, I have also added the “dynamic caption” plugin and added two of my own plugins for fullscreen mode and automatic hiding of the control as in PhotoSwipe 4.


PhotoSwipe 5 with captions as “dynamic caption”

PhotoSwipe 5 with captions as “overlay”

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