Peugeot PX-10 with light

Recently I mounted a bit more comfortable handlebar on my Peugeot PX-10. However it still lacked a solid mount for a light. The intended light, Ixon IQ by Busch und Müller, provides a mount for the handlebar – but this is not very stable (at least in the variant of my copy) and the light tends to turn very easily due to its weight.

Fortunately Busch und Müller provide an alternative mount for the Ixon IQ which can be used to fix the light on conventional lamp brackets. The bracket it comes with can not be used as there is not enough room on the fork, so I decided to use the lamp bracket by Riese und Müller. The result needs getting used to but it’s quite stable.

Peugeout PX-10 with light

As the light is positioned on the handlebar you can access it during the ride and the front brake is also not influenced as well.

Peugeout PX-10 with light

The back light, a Sigma “Cuberider II”, was already mounted earlier. The bracket can be secured with zip zies. Very nice: The light is not a “blinky” but an LED light which lights continuously.

Peugeout PX-10 with light

The next Critical Mass may come – the last time where I participated with the Peugeot, it was quite exhausting with the drop handlebar and the light which constantly turned out of position. This time it should work much better :-).

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