Peugeot PX-10

Old Frenchman

I bought this Peugeut PX-10 at the “Radlflohmarkt” (bicycle flea market) of the Bikekitchen Augsburg. The evening before I visited the Bikekitchen and also could make myself useful and help visitors centering a wheel and replacing spokes.

Peugeot PX-10
Source: Bikekitchen Augsburg

The special on this bicycle is particulary its outstanding and almost “original” condition. However the brake pads of the “Mafac Competition” (similart to “Mafac Racer”) became hardened and squeal miserable – but this can be fixed easily.

Update August 2013

Meanwhile I had the opportunity to do some modifications:

  • Replaced the brake pads with Koolstop “salmon”
  • Reallocated the brakes (front on the right, back on the left)
  • Replace the old textile handlebar tape with Bontrager “Double Gel Cork”
  • Longer seatpost (diameter 26.6 mm, 40 cm long)
  • Adjusted front derailleur (it wasn’t properly aligned straight and bit too high)

The material:

Peugeot PX-10, material for restauration

The result:

Peugeot PX-10, restored

Originally I would like to have the seatpost in silver – but the local shop did only have one in black in stock and I did not want to wait since I will be on vacation soon and would have to wait until beginning of September to finish the renovation.

Reallocating the brakes was fortunately very uncomplicated – the end caps on the brake cables are made of plastic and can be reused. So I could just dismount the cables and lace them again to get the familiar disposition which I also have on my other bicycles. Thanks to the brakes pads by Koolstop the brake power also became a bit better and there is no squeal any longer:

Peugeot PX-10, brake

Concerning the topic “handlebar tape”: If you don’t have any experience with that (like me ;-)) you should inform yourself about how the technique works and you should buy a tape without adhesive back – then you can start over again and do corrections if the first try does not come out properly. It is also wise to use rubber tape for the closer – the supplied self-adhesive tape was just enough to get around the handle bar. With the rubber tape you can wrap around multiple times from the handle bar tape to the handle bar to get a stable closure:

Peugeot PX-10, new handlebar tape

Picture gallery

Following some pictures of the process:

Update February/March 2015

I found the position on the bike with the drop handlebar a bit too stretched for me and therefore I mounted a “moustache” handle bar and also added lights. See details with more pictures of this modification in my other posts (German): mounting of the handlebar, lights.

Peugeout PX-10 with lights

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