Peugeot “Country”

The friend of my grand mother gave this bicycle to me in august 2008, as he could not continue to use it on his own.

It is equipped with a 21-gear Shimano STX, cantilever breaks, fenders, rack, lights and it’s still in a quite good condition. Some of my guests really like this bike. I will just exchange the lights and maybe the brakes as well one day.

Peugeot “Country”
Total view

Peugeot “Country”, STX derailleur
The STX derailler

Peugeot “Country”, STX lever
The STX brake- and shifting lever (one of the early “rapid fire” shifters with gear indicator)

Peugeot “Country”, HG cassette
Early HG cassette sprockets – thicker but with a very “light” appearance

Modification end of 2008

October 2008 i mounted a new front wheel with dynamo hub (Shimano DH-3N30), LED headlight (my old BUMM D’Lumotec Oval Senso Plus) and LED backlight (BUMM D’Toplight Plus). Additionally the old bell was replaced and the rear fender was “silenced”. The brakes are still not optimal, but work quite well after a more exact adjustment. I noticed by the way, that the front brake pads where mounted in the wrong direction – what i also corrected.

Peugeot “Country” after modification
After the modification, total view

Peugeot “Country”, hub dynamo
The new front wheel with dynamo hub and LED headlight

Peugeot “Country” with new backlight
LED backlight

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