Periodical 0.24

Today Periodical 0.24 was released. When you have look at the issue list in Github, you notice that there is some activity on this project and some new features will hopefully be implemented soon (e.g. adding notes, integration in regular calendars, reminder for birth control pill etc.).

6 thoughts on “Periodical 0.24”

  1. C


    First oft: Thanks for this great APP. My wird uses it since the beginning oft 2014. But now we habe a problem. We bought New phones and wanted to backup and restore the data. I did that many times when upgrading to a New Version oft cyanogenmod. Now, with the .29 Version i can bachup data but when i restore it the app says that it is restored but i See nothing. I tried it several times but i can not restore the data in the New phone. If ypu need Mord info let me know.

    Greetings from Lüneburg

    German autocorrect really mixes in well when writing in english.

    1. Arno Welzel

      You need to copy the backup files of Periodical from the folder on the “internal” SD card (usually main.db and maybe also main.db-journal) to the respective folder on the new device (maybe create a backup on the new device first and then overwrite with the saved backup files from the old device).

      If you still have problems, you may also contact me via e-mail and send me the files so I can verify if there is anything wrong (the files are a SQLite database with a list of dates with the cycles and the settings as serialized key/value pairs).

      1. C

        Hy again!

        I figured it out. When i backed up the data with 0.29 on the old phone, no “main.db-journal” was in the backup folder. I then backed them up manually and put them in their place on the new phone (…/data/data/
        This made the App force close when opened. Then i reset the App and put both the “main.db” and “main.db-journal” in the backupfolder and then i was able to restore the data. Before that i did a backup on the new phone to create the backup folder an there a “main.db-journal” was created.
        But not on the old phone. There only the “main.db” would appear in the backup folder.

        Thank for Help/Pointers!

        My Wife is really looking forward to a comment Function (When its there). No Rush.

        Is there a way to donate a Coffee?

  2. m

    Excellent app. As a man this helps me to track my wifes mood changes and this way i can predict and recognise what is happening on hormonal area :) I also sent email about inputting notes to calendar, feature request. Keep up the good work!

    1. Arno Welzel

      Thanks for your support! I got your request and will try to add notes in the next versions, I just can’t promise how long it will take, since I’m a bit busy at the moment.

  3. S

    Nice to see new useful features being planned.
    Thank you

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