Renoise in 4K

Many years ago I discovered Renoise – a so called “tracker” to create music on the computer. Eventhough I haven’t really looked into this I still have a valid license and checked if the project still exists.

Indeed Renoise is still active even after nearly 20 years. Since version 3.2 it also supports native resolution and scaling in 4K:

New features for Lightbox with PhotoSwipe

Meanwhile Lightbox mit PhotoSwipe exists for more than two years and has about 6000 active installations :-).

Compared to the original version I extended PhotoSwipe by a number of features:

  1. Endless loop is also possible with only two pictures.
  2. If the endless loop is not active the arrow buttons for next or previous image will be hidden for the first or last picture.
  3. Full screen view can be activated by pressing the key “F”.
  4. When changing pictures using the arrow buttons or cursor keys in the desktop view the change from one picture to the next is done using an animation similar to the swipe gesture in the mobile view.

In addition it is now also possible to display WordPress galleries or Gutenberg gallery blocks in their own lightbox.

Collaborative text editor in Nextcloud

Nextcloud text editor, sharing options

In June 2019 Nextcloud introduced an interesting text editor which uses Markdown as format but does not show this optically – the user interface is very tidy and text will always be shown and edited formatted. You can use Markdown syntax when entering text but in addition there is a toolbar at the top of the editor. To create a new file you can use the “+” symbol in the Nextcloud file manager as usual.

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Fraud with app purchase

I recently received an email from “We Buy Apps” declaring that this company is a startup for the marketing of apps and would be interested in buying “Periodical”. If I were ready, I would be offered something that I would not refuse.

However the conditions on the website already look quite questionable:

You sell the full and exclusive rights to the app. This includes the source code, all artwork, all assets (images, texts etc.), icons, Android credentials, web presence (social media, website etc.) and other assets of the app that are required to maintain the functionality and promotion of the app. You are selling the right to publish the app and will not be able to publish the same source code again, even under a different app name.

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