VueScan – promising product with questionable support

I have an older scanner – a Canon LiDE 210. Canon also provides drivers for Windows 10, but they cause the Windows WIA service to crash quite often. Therefore I decided to look for an alternative and tried VueScan – an application which comes with its own drivers.

Before installing VueScan I needed to uninstall the existing Canon software and the old driver and also tell Windows to remove the driver files as well, so the original driver would not be used any longer.

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Periodical 1.30 released

There is again a new version of Periodical with a number of changes:

  • Events and symptoms in the details are now separate lists.
  • The calendar now indicates if there are events, symptoms or notes for a specific day.
  • Added Greek translation.

With this version there are no less than 13 languages available (soon it will be 14). Thanks to all translators and developers at Crowdin and Github for their contributions!

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Why DAVDroid was renamed to DAVx5

For synchronizing address books and calendars on my Android smartphone I’v been using  DAVDroid for quite a while. It is Open Source and also available on F-Droid. However it is now called DAVx5 – why?

The reasons are explained in this tweet – using “droid” as part of a name violates a trademark of Lucasfilm. Also see this extensive article at Priceonomics. Therefore the creator of DAVDroid decided to change the name to “DAVxxxxx” and replace “xxxxx” by “x5” – even though the official statment says something different ;-).

Fast internet connection

From now on I have a fast internet connection using VDSL100 which nominally provides 100 Mbps downstream and 40 Mbps upstream (before: 50 and 10 Mbps).

Eventhough the achievable speeds are slightly lower, uploading data is still more than three times as fast as before :-).

Periodical in Hebrew

For some time now I have been using the online translation service Crowdin for translations of Periodical. This service is free to use for open source projects without any commercial intentions. There I have already received Polish as an additional translation (thanks Tomasz!).

Now another translator has contacted me via Crowdin and offered do the translation for Hebrew. Apart from the fact that there are not many applications that directly support this language, this is also interesting because Hebrew is written from right to left and I may have to do adjustments in the software to support this.

Thanks to all translators for their help!