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lab-renovationHmm… you followed a link or maybe used one of your bookmarks and got here?

Sorry – the URL you have requested does not exist (any longer). You may ask yourself, if I did consider http://www.w3.org/Provider/Style/URI? Yes I did (and do it all the time).

Early 2014 this website was switched from DokuWiki to another system. Most of the content published there is still available, even though some things were deliberately not preserved as there was virtually no demand for it:

  • The CD/DVD/BD database, as most of the entries are outdated and therefore not useful any longer
  • Some reviews on products that do not exist anymore for a long time and which no longer make sense to use (mostly old computer hardware)
  • Some (very) old blog posts and articles

Maybe the sitemap or the search form at the top helps you to find what you are looking for.