Old hardware

In times where computers have at least a 2 GHz CPU and 512 MB RAM or more, old motherboards or complete PCs are gathered which seem not to be useable for any meaningful task.

But for many applications slower machines are quite sufficient. For example as a “router-answering-machine-fax-ftp-server-box” – see also FLI4L.

BIOS updates

A very common problem is the use of larger hard disk drives. Many years ago hard disk drives with more than 1 GB where very rare. Even quite “modern” motherboards with super socket 7 oder slot 1 are not always able to handle more than 32 GB or 64 GB. One reason for this problem are bugs in the used BIOS, which can result in calculation erros, which cause the BIOS to crash.

Official updates by the manufactures are often not available any more. But there are patched versions by third parties, which can help in these cases.

A BIOS update can result in an unusable motherboard! Therefore check accurately if the offered updates are really applicable and make sure that there is no power loss (shaky power plug etc.) or reboot occurs during the update! I do not take any responsibility for damages, which may occur by applying any of the offered updates!

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