Old Frenchman

Yesterday I visited the Bikekitchen in Augsburg for the first time (and I already could make myself useful and help others in repairing and truing wheels ;-)). During my visit I also noticed the old Frenchmen which was in an exceptional good condition – a Peugeot PX-10, nearly in mint condition.

Soon a discussion took place including the hint that this nice piece will be offered on saturday at the bicycle flea market. The frame size of 58cm was exactly fitting me… so I just could not resist. Following a picture, how it was offered by Bikekitchen (a click on the picture opens a larger version):

Peugeot PX-10
Source: Bikekitchen Augsburg

The condition is execptional when taking the age into account and I will let be mostly like this. Just a few little things will be changed:

  • The brake pads became hard and squeal pitiful. I will replace them soon (the guys of Bikekitchen already offered me to give me other pads)
  • The saddle is a bit too low. Since the existing seat post can not be extended any more I will eventually get a longer one.
  • The pedal straps will be removed.
  • I will swap the brake cables – the front on the right side and the back on the left side, since I am used to this on my other bicycles.

By now there is also a more detailed article about it with more pictures.

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