My first contribution to WordPress

Please note: I don’t use this plugin any longer and the changes described here are not used in the plugin any longer as well. Instead I now use Lightbox with PhotoSwipe which I developed as an alternative.

In the context of switching my website from DokuWiki to WordPress I did my first contribution to the code of the „Responsive Lightbox“:

As an example for the use of this plugin with my modifications, see “Back from Finland”.

The source of the Swipebox script is also available on Github (unfortunately the script wasn’t properly included in the Update and 1.4.1 of “Responsive Lightbox” by dFactory – but this should be fixed soon).

Update 2014-03-20: dFactory did include the correct script in update 1.4.2.

Update 2015-11-15: Since a number of versions not my version of the script is being used any longer but the official variant which has some major changes.

My changes:

  • Image captions are now also taken from the images and not only from the link title. In short: The image captions work again ;-)
  • You can now click the image in desktop browsers to show and also hide the top and bottom bars.
  • Scrolling problems with Internet Explorer 10/11 and problems with Opera Mobile fixed.
  • When closing pictures using the “X” symbol, underlying elements on the website will not be touched unintentionally any longer.

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