Living in Berlin, part 5

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Autumn and winter in Berlin…

I’ve been living nearly nine months in this city now and I will soon have experienced all seasons here. It was certainly a good decision to move here in spring and not in winter – because this can be quite uncomfortable in Berlin. The group Seeed expressed this quite spot on in their song “Dickes B”: “Dickes B, home an der Spree, im Sommer tust Du gut und im Winter tut’s weh.” (fat B, home at the Spree, in summer you’re good and in winter it hurts).

However the snow in January did not stay very long. The temperature is already above 0°C and it is mostly dry.

A view over the Spree in Berlin Moabit in January 2017

When drive to the office with my bicycle I remember the time in Augsburg when I got from the city center to Pfersee by bicycle. There was even a river crossing as well with the Luitpoldbrücke over the Wertach, as it is now over the Spree when I cross the border to Moabit.

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