Living in Berlin, part 3

Also see part 1, part 2.

I’ve been living in Berlin for half a year now – and nearly three months in the new flat. By now I can say that I arrived, even though there are still many unknown places in the city and many things to explore. I find my ways to the office and to friends without a map and I still enjoy it to be able to use my bicycle most of the time.

A very convenient experience is the public transport in Berlin which is better than its reputation. If I’m not on the way during the rush hour I can take my bicycle with me everyhwere without any problem.

With the Surly in the S-Bahn:

Surly in the S-Bahn, October 2016

… and in the subway, here at a station in front of the elevator:

Surly in the subway station, October 2016

On one of my excursions through the area I also took some pictures. The streets in Charlottenburg often remind me on the Bismarckviertel in Augsburg, just a bit bigger ;-). I also find the trees here very nice, which you find along the Ku’Damm as well as in most other streets here.

The big building on the first picture is the construction site of “High West”, a project where an old office tower will be renovated to be used as a residential building and where new residential buildings will be added as well. The colorful house on the second picture is the hotel “Happy Go Lucky” at Stuttgarter Platz.

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