Living in Berlin, part 2

Also see part 1.

A week a go I moved to the new flat. There is still a lot to do but at least my computer and the internet connection already works :-).

Meanwhile I also used the opportinity to explore the neighbourhood a bit and also found this view with the Funkturm Berlin and Internationales Congress Centrum (ICC):

Funkturm and ICC in Berlin

I already wrote about the lockable storage room for my bicycle. As an addition a picture how it looks like in the elevator with my bicycle including bags on the rack (unfortunately a bit blurry – but it didn’t come out better with the camera in the mobile phone). The back plane of the elevator is covered with a mirror and I look into the elevator where my loaded everyday crosser stands:

Everyday crosser with bags in the elevator

Fast internet with VDSL

When searching for an appropriate internet provider at the new location there was the choice between cable connection and VDSL. If I would choose a cable connection I also had to use the router by the provider. Since my Fritz!Box 7390 is still sufficient for my needs and can also be used for VDSL and IP telephony a cable connection was not really interesting. Therefore I decided to use VDSL with the plan “MagentaZuhause M” (which translates as “magenta at home M”) by Telekom which theoretically allows up to 50 MBit/s downstream and up to 10 MBit/s upstream.

The cabling now only consists of a network cable (CAT5 UTP) with a TAE adapter from the telephone socket to the Fritz!Box. The cable had to be routed to another corner of the room. For the section above the big door to the living room I used a self adhesive  cable guide which is visually barely noticable:

It’s very nice that the speed is achived also in practice and not only in theory and without any errors:

Downloads with 4-5 MB per second and uploads with more than 1 MB per second are definitely a big improvement compared to the maximum of 1,7 MB/s for downloads and about 0,12 MB/s for uploads with my old DSL connection in Augsburg :-).

The connection of the phones with IP also works without any problems so far. Even though there was a large incident in the past I  am confident that Telekom learned from that experience.

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