Links about the topic “Computer”

Some links about the topic “computer”…

If you have other interesting stuff, just let me know.

History and old machines

Impressive demonstration using the first mouse and graphics display by Douglas C. Engelbart in the year 1968(!)
Online Computer Museum
Computer Modell Katalog (German)
Computer-Archiv (German)
Computer-Museum München (German)
Homecomputer-Museum (German)
A lot of stuff about VAX, but also other historic machines and interesting projects (German)

Open Source

DokuWiki, a Wiki based on PHP
Dev-C++, C++ development environment for Windows based on GCC
“Irrlicht”, a 3D engine
PuTTY, SSH client
WxWidgets, a class library for platform independent applications
GnuPG, a free implementation of PGP

A different point of view ;-)

The Wireworld Computer
“99 Bottles of Beer” implemented in (nearly) all known programming languages

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