Lica thin client

I got this thing in september 2006 quite cheap but without any technical documents. Between october 2006 and august 2007 it served well for FLI4L until it had to be abandoned due to a failure of the power supply.

The technical data:

  • CPU: Geode 266 MHz, cooled passive
  • RAM: 128 MB PC100 SDRAM
  • Connectors: PS/2 keyboard/mouse, VGA, 2xRS232, parallel, 2xUSB, LAN, audio
  • One free PCI/ISA slot
  • IDE interface
  • Slot for a “Disk-On-Chip” module, which was also provided and from which a mini Linux with an X server and a Citrix client boots


You can click any of the pictures to get a larger view.

The following pictures shows the view from the front side and gives you an impression of the inner parts. I installed the PCI network card, so i can eventually use FLI4L:

Lica thin client inside

The connectors on the back side:

Lica thin client, connectors

The first functional test with of FLI4L with Fritz!DSL and CF card in an adapter:

Lica thin client test setup

Size comparison – on the left the thin client, on the right the former PC:

Lica thin client, size comparison

The end – details of the power supply board with the damaged capacitors:

Lica thin client, power supply failure

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