Google Maps in 3D

Since a while Google Maps also offers a 3D view in modern browsers which support WebGL – similar to the way it is possible with the separate application „Google Earth“. For this you just have to click the “Earth” symbol in the lower left corner of the map view:

Google Maps, symbol to activate 3D view

If you are not sure if your browser generally supports WebGL you may first try my little example for WebGL.

At a first glance details look quite rough and bulky, since a lot of data has to be transferred and the view begins with a rough geometry. Depending on the speed of the internet connection and on the viewing angle you often get a much more detailed and impressive view after a couple of seconds.

It gets really interesting when you maximize the browser to full screen size, for example using the F11 key – for this it’s worth to use a big screen with FullHD resolution (a click on the pictures shows the original size):

Google Maps 3D, view over Augsburg

You will notice that some views are not up to date, for example at the Königsplatz in Augsburg which is still in its old form in Google, here with the view towards Göggingen:

Google Maps 3D, old Königsplatz

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