Extensions in Lightbox with PhotoSwipe

Originally I created Lightbox with PhotoSwipe just to be able to use PhotoSwipe at all. In the beginning some features didn’t get used at all.

The current version brings a bunch of extensions to fix this:

  1. You can exclude the plugin on single pages/posts.
  2. Configurable “share” menu to share the image or page on which the image is embedded, or to download the images.
  3. Support for the “history” module, with which PhotoSwipe modifies the URL in the browser for each image displayed. This gives you a unique URL for each image in the lightbox view, which you can also link to (the lightbox will then open automatically). On the other hand, you can also leave the lightbox view with the “back” function of the browser.
  4. Configurable options for the behavior of PhotoSwipe which you can turn on or off as desired.
  5. Alternative presentation with a new “share” icon and, if desired, opaque background for the header and navigation arrows.
  6. Filter for disabling the plugin on individual pages/posts as needed.

One thought on “Extensions in Lightbox with PhotoSwipe”

  1. Jagrav Quinn

    Thank you for creating this plugin :)

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