Disrupton by the call center

Disruption… this is very polite. “Harassment” oder “phone spam” would be more to the point.

An example (unfortunately not the only one):

During the last weeks I was called not less than 20(!) times by Vodafone Germany (08005888721) – of course without leaving a message on the answering machine and of course only during day time, when I am not at home anyway. Just today I was at home casually and accepted the call since I already knew who it is.

I told them immediately that I generally do not want any offers by phone – whatever it may be. They assured me that I will not be called again and that my number(s) will be blocked for phone marketing.

A couple of hours later: Another call again! I started to get angry and told them polite but assertive that I refuse to tolerate any further calls. I will see if this finally is solved.

So far I was very comfortable with the DSL connection during the last years… but this is just annoying!

Dear providers: No – I do not sense it as a good service when i get called permantly by a call center machine for weeks every couple of months until you reach me by chance to sell me an extension of the existing contract or additional plans! If I want to change the existing contracts then I come to you – until then I want to be left alone!

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