Defect at the Ortlieb Office Bag

Since about two years I often and gladly use a “Office Bag M” by Ortlieb. So far the bag worked fine – until today :-(.

I wondered why the buckle did not engage properly and then saw the problem: a plastic band was broken.

Defect on the Ortlieb Office Bag M

I already contacted the service by Ortlieb as the strap on which this piece is mounted is sewed with the bag and you would have to open the seams to repair this. Let’s see what the manufacturer has to say about this.

As a workaround I will first try to glue the fracture – even though I’m not really sure that this will work.

Update 2015-02-14

As expected: Glueing does not work.

Meanwhile I’ve learned that Ortlieb offers special “repair buckles” which can be mounted without opening the strap. Propably this will be the solution.

Update 2015-03-04

After about a week Ortlieb had send me a copy of the repair buckle I mentioned – for free :-). Mounting was trouble free and the buckle works fine since then.

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