Recently I discovered Betterbird – a “soft fork” of Mozilla Thunderbird, which exists since sommer of 2021 and was created to provide a better version of Thunderbird.


“Soft fork” means that the Betterbird team follows the ESR versions of Thunderbird and does not develop their complete own version – therefore there is no risk that Betterbird  once may not use any of the security fixes of Thunderbird.

My reason to switch was that in Betterbird errors are fixed which still exist in Thunderbird (also see the release notes) and that the team of Betterbird fixes bugs fast. In addition there are a number of useful improvements compared to Thunderbird.

I could use an existing Thunderbird profile including all AddOns without any change. However I had to use the profile manager of Betterbird to select the profile. For this you have to start Betterbird with the command line option -p – for example in Windows as following:

"C:\Program Files\Betterbird\betterbird.exe" -p

If you want to support the project and can not help with development you can also donate. Since I use Betterbird on a daily basis I decided to sponsor the project with a little monthly fee – thanks for the work!

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