Berlin Oldie

I have purchased this one in August 2009 as a used bicycle in a shop in Berlin, since i’m often in Berlin and also need an “occasional bicycle” there. It’s a typical “sports bicycle” of the late 1970ies or beginning of the 1980ies.

The thing is equipped with a Shimano Positron 12 gear shift, alloy rims, center pull breaks (levers by Weinmann, brakes by “Formos”), lateral upright stand, “real” fenders (made of metal and not plastic) and a light rack by ESGE (with an allowed load of 10 kg according the imprint – nothing, on which one wants to transport larger things, but better than nothing. At least a box of Prosecco was no problem ;-)) and a simple lighting system with side wall dynamo. The saddle was obviously added later and possibly the rack as well.

The only modifications so far are a LED tail light and a halogen head light (as a replacement for the simple head light with vacuum bulb and the simple tail light) and a replacement of the brake pads.

The configuration is in fact on a quite low level – but the thing is still in a very good condition and also comfortable to drive.

Update late sommer 2010

The front reflector was dismounted meanwhile, since it is needless and just bothered me. I also replaced the rubber on the handle bar by more comfortable foam grips. Finally i also replaced the dynamo by a new model, so the light works more reliable.

Following is a slightly blurred picture of the current condition:

“Berlin Oldie” with foam grips

Update late sommer 2012

The stand was broken :-(. But I used the neccessary repair to change the handle bar with a more comfortable one and to mount better brake levers:

“Berlin Oldie”, 2012 “Berlin Oldie”, 2012

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