Berlin is calling

When reading my posts you may have noticed that I have been travelling to Berlin quite regularly for many years. Therefore I have an every day bicycle there and I also purchased my netbook mainly because of the travels to Berlin.

Now I have the opportunity to live in Berlin permanently and will leave Augsburg soon. Even though I was not born in Augsburg I grew up here since my early childhood and can see this city definitely as my “homeland”. I experienced the late 1970ies including the U.S. army in Augsburg and the back then “new” triangle at Königsplatz as it existed between 1977 and 2013. The learned to know the Leonhardsberg as “Magesberg” (since there was a textile shop  named “Mages”) and I remember many other details from the last 40 years. On the other hand Berlin became a kind of second home over the years with many good friendships and I also know some areas there quite well now.

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