Augusta “Pinky”

I got this bicycle a few years ago from a good friend, after she didn’t want to drive it anymore. It is an older piece branded “Augusta” with a “mixte” steel frame, 7-gear-hub with back pedal brake (Shimano SG-7C20) and cantilever brake in front. It was kept in the basement, disassembled into single pieces for a couple years and broken wheels and was rebuilt again for a housemate.

The following things were done:

  • Rebuilding the rear wheel with a used but still well preserved light alloy rim with yellow painting, replacement of the front wheel (the front wheel and the rim for the rear wheel were the original equipment of my old “trekker”)
  • New tubes with sclaverand valves aka “french valves” and new tires (40-622)
  • New fenders from SKS, since the old ones where to small for the tires and not in a good condition
  • New lights (dynamo, halogen headlamp, LED backlight)
  • Frame lock
  • Seatpost (which was left over from my old “trekker” and casual fitted exactly) and a matching saddle
  • New handlebar
  • New brake pads

The result is a bicycle, which is not very light, but due to the wider tires and the 7-speed-hub still drives very good. The low adjustment of the saddle is not a mistake – the user is just not very tall. A click on the following picture opens a larger view.

Augusta “Pinky”
May 2007

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