A small lession about “copying content”

Yes, you may take content from my website for your own work under the conditions described in the legal notice. But this does not mean that you should use the complete HTML documents without any change!

As part of the regular server maintenance I also check the requests to my website from time to time to see if there are any problems. Thereby I noticed some requests for several scripts with the website of a Swiss bicycle shop as referrer. In a more detailed investigation it turned out that this shop obviously copied my translation of an article by Sheldon Brown virtually unchanged – which means not just text and pictures but the whole HTML document.

This meant that also a number of scripts got accessed on my server as the corresponding <script> elements including the reference to my server were used without any change. Additionally several links to other articles on my website also still existed and the only important link at the beginning which could refer to the source was obviously damaged during the copy and did not work. Finally as title in the HTML document “Arno Welzel Computer” was used. I contacted the website operator via e-mail and he stopped this immediately.

Therefore my request: If you want to use text and pictures from my website then please just copy the content and not the complete HTML source. If you are unable to modify the HTML source as required than just add a link to the article or ask me – thanks!

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