A bit of luxury

In March 2017 I visited the Berliner Fahrradschau and besides many other interesting things I also discovered the bicycle bell by Spurcycle. I could have bought a copy a the booth but I postponed that since I didn’t know where to mount it – because the handle bar was already quite cramped due to the gear indicators of the shift levers. The mounting of the old bell, a “Charly” by Mounty, was already cumbersome under the gear indicators and I never was very happy with this solution.

First I didn’t think about this any longer – until I did the regular maintenance of the rear hub and replaced the chain and the cassettte.

The new cassette is now 11-34 instead of 11-32, so the development is between 1.41 and 8.74 meters. Or in other words: a cadence of 80 rounds per minute results in a speed of 6.7 to 41.9 km/h. So I can drive quite fast but also get up steep hills very easy. The chain is a KMC X9 with nickel plated and stainless links. For lubrication I will try “DryFluid Bike” in the next months.

The XT derailleur is also quite old and has some scratches but it still works very well.

I got the spare parts at a local dealer who also has the Spurcycle in his supply. I asked him about the problem with the gear indicators on my shifters. He couldn’t offer my anything since the current shifters are for 3×10 or more gears  and 3×9 is considered to be outdated. However he recommended me to look for older Shimano SLX or XT shifters without gear indicators. I finally found a mail order company which had new old stock shifters – SLX 3×9 without gear indicator (SL-M660).

After the change I now had enough room for the Spurcycle bell and I could also move the bike computer near the handle again.

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