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Periodical 1.30 released

There is again a new version of Periodical with a number of changes:

  • Events and symptoms in the details are now separate lists.
  • The calendar now indicates if there are events, symptoms or notes for a specific day.
  • Added Greek translation.

With this version there are no less than 13 languages available (soon it will be 14). Thanks to all translators and developers at Crowdin and Github for their contributions!

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Periodical in Hebrew

For some time now I have been using the online translation service Crowdin for translations of Periodical. This service is free to use for open source projects without any commercial intentions. There I have already received Polish as an additional translation (thanks Tomasz!).

Now another translator has contacted me via Crowdin and offered do the translation for Hebrew. Apart from the fact that there are not many applications that directly support this language, this is also interesting because Hebrew is written from right to left and I may have to do adjustments in the software to support this.

Thanks to all translators for their help!

Again an illegal copy of Periodical

A while ago someone informed me about an illegal copy of Periodical which was modified without providing sources of the modified version. This copy does not exist any longer.

But there are also business-minded people who create their own version based on the existing sources (as from August 2017) that contains paid ads – of course only after deleting all references to the true origin:

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Root access in Android as of 2018

I already wrote about the topic “rooting of Android” in 2013. Since then the direction of Android itself changed a lot.

Things which where not very popular five years ago are now quite normal: films are being watched on mobile devices with services such as Netflix and games like Pokémon GO generate huge sales (by the end of 2017 about 890 million USD). For the providers of such services it is of course important that the data of the apps is not accessible by third parties – for example to protect DRM mechanisms.

Another area are payment services, such as Google Pay, which got introduced in 2015 – and again, it is important that no third party can access confidential data.

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Periodical 1.0

After a longer break I finally extended “Periodical” by the functions which already have been planned for a while:

  • single days can be added to a period or removed from a period individually.
  • days of the period can be marked with an invididual intensity.
  • the calendar shows the current day of the cycle.
  • you can add notes and symptoms to every day in the calendar.

The new version is available as download or at Google Play. F-Droid will follow soon.

“BlueBorne” and missing patches

Some time ago, a severe security problem was discovered in Bluetooth devices, which had been given the name “Blueborne” by their discoverers. Operating systems like Linux and Windows already got security updates. Android is theoretically also fixed already – however, only by Google and the devices sold under their name. For devices from other manufacturers the situation is worse if the device has been on the market for more than 2 years.

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